Battle of the Bands

The Battle of the Bands Application is a voting contest held between the high school bands in your station’s viewing area. A certain number of bands are pitted against each other every week. People login to the site to vote for their favorite band. The band that is crowned the champion receives a prize and presentation. Weekly prizes can also be presented.

This contest provides great exposure for the station, sponsor(s), and schools. The regular high school football season runs for 10 weeks. The high school football season usually starts in late August or early September.

Important Dates

The contest normally starts with the first regular season high school football game in late August or early September.

A certain number of bands per week will “battle” in the voting for 8 consecutive weeks. The last 2 weeks of the high school football season will be designated as the Battle of the Bands championship. The top decided number of vote getting bands throughout the previous 8 weeks (certain number from each week) would be voted on during this time to decide a champion. The winning band will be presented a trophy and a prize at halftime of a high school football game or pep rally, etc.

Viewers are required to register. Minimal information will be required in order to become registered. Viewers can signup and vote with multiple email accounts. Email updates are sent out each week to draw viewers back to the site and increase station/sponsor branding.

Registration information that is required is validated. Duplicate emails are not allowed. Viewers must activate a check box that states that they agree to the rules and terms of the contest. A password is generated and sent to in an email confirmation. Viewers are notified immediately after registration and their login information is emailed to them. The password is easy to remember and an “auto-login” link is sent with the registration confirmation email.

Battle of the Bands
Viewers can simply click on a link within the email that takes them to the site and logs them in. If they choose to login manually, only their password will be required. Viewers can also bookmark the page if they are the only ones voting from that computer. Viewers can submit their email address and have their login info emailed to them again if they forget or misplace it. There is also an option to log off of the account. This is useful if more than one person is voting from the same computer.

Viewers are emailed when they register, before weekly votes and after the champion has been announced. The emails can contain sponsor information including text coupons that link to an online coupon or web page if desired.

Weekly voting is allowed until a certain time. At that time, the page is disabled automatically and is not available until the votes have been announced and the new bands are listed. Once a viewer votes, they can no longer vote until new bands are announced.

The contest automatically displays the winner for each week. CMK Media administers the application. We are in charge of adding schools for the weekly polls and updating the brackets. Past voting weeks information can also be made available. This includes the name of the bands in the weekly poll (vote totals can be displayed if desired).

Pricing & Contact Information

Contest price includes:

  • Setup and customization of contest including: station logo, sponsor ad tiles and links, rules, homepage message, tell a friend email message, registration confirmation email, contest update and reminder emails
  • Hosting of site and data for the duration of the contest
  • Updating of top voted bands and standings throughout contest
  • Weekly email reminders and updates
  • Contestant email support
  • Statistical tracking of all traffic, ad tile views, click-thrus, etc
  • Delivery of all contestant registration information and all traffic statistics via an Excel spreadsheet after contest

For more information including pricing, full contest documentation, and online demos please contact us at 1-877-249-1898 or by email at