Ecard Birthday Club

The Ecard Birthday Club is a great addition to any media web site. The program is of great benefit to both the media company and the sponsor. Our latest release of the Ecard Birthday Club, version 5.0, has some interesting new features. Some of the new features include COPPA compliancy, increased account duplication prevention and increased admin tools.

The Ecard Birthday Club program is part web application and part media promotion. If incorporated correctly, it can make significant advertising revenue and increase viewer numbers at the same time. It’s a win/win situation for everyone involved.

We enjoyed watching our daughter’s name on TV this morning! Thanks to all who make the birthday club possible. We were so excited that she won the drawing we were screaming and didn’t hear what was said afterwards! Please let me know how to redeem the certificate. And, thanks again!

Birthday Club Member Testimonial

Ecard Birthday Club

The Ecard Birthday Club application is highly automated. The Ecard Application includes the following features:

  • Iframe (links +) compatible
  • Member registration
  • Member password retrieval
  • Member can add family members and manage accounts
  • Optional registration questions for sponsor/station demographic or marketing purposes.
  • COPPA compliant
  • Daily updating of the “Today’s Birthdays” section
  • Auto-generation of birthday ecard emails
  • Auto-generation of online gift certificates/coupons
  • Online help form
  • Member email support included

Administration Features:

  • Member account management
  • Ecard management
  • Duplicate account detection tools
  • Birthday announcement list and printing label tools
  • Instant exporting of registration data to an excel file
  • Instant exporting of sponsor related data to an excel file
  • Traffic and usage analysis

For more information including pricing, application documentation, and online demos please contact us at 1-877-249-1898 or by email at