As a sales manager at a news station, I live by deadlines. Things often have to be done on both sides of the aisle in the same amount of time. When running contests or promotions, it’s important that all elements are done quickly and correctly the first time around. Having dealt with companies similar to CMK Media, we’ve found this is not always the case. CMK Media, however, has been able to provide what we needed with ease. In our latest contest, they not only delivered a quality product on time, they also accompanied our requests for last minute edits in a timely and efficient manner. As salespeople, we know this is the kind of performance that keeps clients coming back and we look forward to working with CMK in the future.

Loni C.

Interactive Sales Manager, WHNT-TV, Huntsville, AL

We currently have over 36,000 registered users participating in our Birthday Club and we just added over 3,000 new users last month! Our sponsor for the Birthday Club has seen excellent results so far with the online and on-air mentions, as well as families redeeming their online gift certificates at their local restaurants. They couldn’t be happier. We are easily making a 3 to 1 return on our investment.

Recently we switched over to using the online gift certificates instead of sending out mailed gift certificates.  Since we typically send out over 3,000 gift certificates a month, this has saved our station considerable time and money. Overall the Birthday Club has been a huge success for our station and our sponsor. I would recommend CMK Media to any station looking to add non-traditional revenue as well as simplify and streamline their birthday club management system.

Paula F.

Corporate Internet Classified Manager, Raycom Media

CMK Media has always been great to work with. We have held two Hoops Pick’em promotions with them and both times our clients have been very happy with the results. We have found here at WTOL that these types of “fun” sponsorships are easier to sell and lead to renewals. CMK has always been very helpful in making sure that the promotion looks and feels local and they go out of their way to customize their technology to fit your needs. We are currently launching the Birthday Club and Pigskin Pick’em and we would not be doing so if we weren’t satisfied with our previous results. I consider CMK as one of the best third party vendors that I have worked with.

Christopher P.

Integrated Sales Director, WTOL, Toledo, OH

Just a quick note to say thank you for the work on the two applications in use on, the WAVE 3 Sunrise Birthday Club and the Holiday eCard programs. With over 17,000 registered members in our Birthday Club (growing everyday) and the early traffic results on the Holiday eCard application, I think we have two successes. Your attention to detail is always appreciated, many times thinking further ahead than I have. The extra-added touches make a positive experience for the user and reflect positively on WAVE 3. Thanks again. We look forward to working with you on future projects.

Clay M.

Internet Director, WAVE3, Louisville, KY

Our relationship with the CMK Media has been great. We’ve run both their college basketball contest and their pro football contest, and have been very pleased. I’ve been impressed with their level of customer support. When we needed to customize the football contest to fit our sponsor needs, the guys at CMK Media made it look easy. They even put together some of our sponsor banners to make sure our contest was up in time. Excellent job guys!

Jerry H.

Internet Sales Director, WHO-TV, Des Moines, IA

I have found CMK Media to be a reliable, creative partner in our online contesting projects. I have worked with them on a number of different projects to date. Time and time again, they have come up with creative ways to keep our users coming back for contests. Their college basketball tournament game was one of our best ever!

Possibly the strongest point they bring to the table is that they understand the needs and resource issues of local TV station web sites, and they work tirelessly to make the contests easy to use from the station’s standpoint. Also, they keep the users in mind with clean page designs that load quickly.

Our station had a bad experience with an internet contest vendor that went out of business in the middle of the contest. Therefore, I was hesitant to use another vendor. I’m convinced that CMK Media has a bright future and I will work with them again. In fact, we currently have a tentative agreement for them to take over one of our premium contests, Battle of the Bands, this fall.

Steve B.

Director of New Media, 14 WFIE, Evansville, IN

Thanks for all of your help with the Men’s Basketball Tournament Pick’em contest. It was a huge success for our station, our advertisers and our viewers. Your teams knowledge and professionalism allowed us to concentrate on generating revenue and not be worried about the technical aspects of the contest. We are looking forward to the Golf contest you have developed for us and have already generated substantial revenue. I am anticipating another success with the Football game this fall. Thanks for all your help, I love your contest model.

Jim B.

Director of Marketing, KFSM, Fort Smith, AK

I wanted to let you know how happy KRON 4 has been with the services CMK Media has provided to us for! What’s even better is the level of excitement we have gotten from viewers and our sponsors for our online games. Our Hoops Pick’em contest awarded one of our viewers with an HDTV, and the winner was ecstatic! Our sponsor loved it so much, they are already asking us what game they can sponsor next! Thanks so much for working with us and providing us with a flawless online game

Michael G.

Internet Coordinator, KRON 4, San Francisco, CA

Your College Basketball Pick’em application gave us the chance to engage users with a very unique interactive opportunity. Thousands of college basketball fans logged on to our web site to participate. With a chance to win a state of the art Sony television included as the prize, we had viewers participating even before the pairings were announced. As soon as they were, viewers were notified that they were able to log on and make their picks. Giving the top users on the leader board every night during sports segments, as well as our own station anchoring staff’s scores, helped drive the contest as well. It was very cool!

Clay M.

Internet Director, WAVE3, Louisville, KY

As the television industry continues to change, only the stations that are strategically focused and that can maximize opportunities on available alternatives media will survive. Though KLAS-TV has been active with their web site since 1994, only with partnerships with aggressive, outside the box vendors have we been able to take our interactive revenue to the next level. CMK Media, with the array of products that they offer, have been a terrific partner with KLAS. We have worked with CMK for several years and have enjoyed enhanced revenue by utilizing their Hoops Pick’em and Pigskin Pick’em Contests. I would recommend CMK Media to any station needing to build their interactive and non-traditional revenue.

Dan S.

Local Sales manager, KLAS-TV, CBS - Las Vegas, NV